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Weaver Street Market

Weaver Street Market, Weaver Street(not to be confused with Weaver Street Realty), WSM or "The Weave" as some call it is one of the main reasons that Carrboro is what it is today! Before Weaver Street came along, Carrboro was a dying little village with an abundance of retail space. Empty storefronts with "For Sale" signs hanging in the darkened windows were a common sight.

Then came Weaver Street, a combination of super market, mini-market, health food store, cafe, wine shop, fish store, vegetable stand, cafeteria and village square. That's a lot of hats to wear, making their job even harder, but in most cases what it offers is so positive that you can overlook the shortcomings(but I can't, since my job is to write "objectively").

It's central location and large lawn with picnic tables and partially covered walkway allows it to be a local meeting place for community members in all weather. People go there to work, play, eat, study and engage in a myriad of other activiities(Hooping being one to give you an idea of how exhaustive this list can be!). In the Spring and Summer there is live music so you can sit outside at a table, or lay a blanket down on the grass at the weekly Wine Tasting on Thursdays and Jazz Brunch on Sundays. Throughout the year there are other events scheduled including Halloween activities, a Wine show/sale, kickoff of the Farm Tour, puppet shows and a Truckload Sale where cases of items are sold wholesale.

Something that will immediately stand out is you perk your ears up a little are the different languages you'll hear around you as you're shopping or sitting at a table eating. Japanese, German, Dutch, Portugese, Spanish, Italian, Indian and Chinese as well as almost any other language you can imagine along with English spoken with many different accents representing all of the US, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa. For a small market in a small town it hosts an amazingly international group of people.

WSM is also an investor in other projects which include owning and operating Panzanella's, an Italianish restaurant located in the Carr Mill Mall, leasing space to Community Realty across the street and donating space to WCOM-Carrboro's Community Radio Station. There is also another Weaver Street Market operating in Southern Village and plans to expand to a third one in Hillsborough, if they are able to overcome the opposition of some of the local community members.



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